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Model 90 Rifle 22" Barrel 460 S&W, Model 90A 454 Casull, Model 90B 45 Colt


Proudly built in the USA, the Big Horn Armory Model 90 lever-action rifle in .460 S&W Magnum, Model 90A in .454 Casull and Model 90B in 45 Colt continue the rich legacy of American firearms design and development. Built from the ground-up and solidly engineered using the latest CNC technology, both Model 90s embody the best of the old Model 86 and Model 92 lever-actions in a modern platform capable of handling the powerful .460 S&W Magnum and 454 Casull. Both rifle and carbine models are manufactured with 17-4 stainless steel precision machined and properly hardened to deliver consistent downrange performance and rugged in-the- field dependability. The selected American black walnut stock and forend are fitted with integral front and stud rear sling swivel mounts. The pistol- grip buttstock has a one- inch recoil-taming pad. Stock and forend are given several coats of a durable synthetic satin finish. The standard rifle and carbine are equipped with aperture rear and post front sights. The Model 90's large, hunter-friendly curved- lever enables ease of operation, especially with gloved hands. Honoring the long tradition of great American sporting rifles, the new Model 90s provide hunters with pride in ownership, and a powerful advantage afield.


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Barrel Length 22"
Caliber .460 S&W, 454 Casull, 45 Colt
Rate of Twist 1 in 32"
Crown Recessed
Buttstock & Forend American Black Walnut , Laminate
Checkering 20 lpi
Barreled Action 17-4 Stainless Steel
Metal Finish Matte SS / Hunter Black SS / Color Case Hardened
Stock Finishv Synthetic Satin
Recoil Pad 1"
Sling Swivel Mounts Integral Front, Stud Rear
Sights Aperture Rear, Blade Front
Magazine Capacity 6
Length of Pull 13 5/8"
Overall Length 41"
Weight 8 lbs. 6 oz.

Pricing Model 90-460 S&W, 90A-454 Casull, 90B-45 Colt



Metal Finish




Model 90, 22" bbl

Hunter Black SS




Model 90A, 22" bbl

Hunter Black SS




Model 90B, 22" bbl

Hunter Black SS




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Black Laminate





Fancy Walnut





Matte SS Finish





Color Case Hardened Finish




Octagon Barrel





Scout Scope Mount





Fiber Optic Front Sight




Sig Sauer Romeo1 Red Dot Sight & mount



Fiber Optic Accessory Kit




Buckhorn Sight installed




Thread Muzzle





MagnaPort Barrel





BHA Logo Cheekpiece

RH or LH



BHA Logo Rhodesian Sling




BHA Logo CW Sling




BHA Logo Ballistic Cloth Scabbard




BHA Logo Khaki Hat




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About Big Horn Armory

Big Horn Armory is the designer and manufacturer of the Model 89. It is the first lever action gun specifically designed for the .500 S&W Magnum. The Model 89 and all of its components are proudly made in the USA.

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